Air Purifiers

Something is in the air!

You cannot always see or smell them, but our indoor air is full of fine particles and pollutants. This poor air quality is risky to our health, performance and well-being. Our LUFT™ and ideal.™ air purifiers with innovative filter technologies can reliably remove all of these pollutants and allergens from the air. 

Statistics reveal that we spend up to 90 percent of the day indoors – more time than ever before. Considering this, not a lot of effort is needed to grasp the impact that air quality has on our well-being. Those who work in naturally healthy air work better because they feel better, can clearly perform better, and are sick less. But good air is often hard to find. At home or in the office, purified air effectively protects you from pathogenic germs – not only during the flu and cold season.

Our air filtration systems remove even the smallest particles such as pathogens, allergens and chemical compounds from polluted indoor air. Highly effective filter technology cleans the indoor air by almost 100%. The OptiFlow system also catches particles that are further away and optimally distributes the fresh and cleaned air in your room.

Air Purifier Warranty: 
1 year limited warranty, excluding wearables.