TRIUMPH™ 0135 photo


High-quality, manual rotary trimmer for office and graphic applications. Precise cuts up to 53” cutting length.

Safety cutting head with self sharpening rotary blade for efficient, precise and safe cutting.ROTARY BLADE
The self-sharpening rotary blade is made of special hardened high-quality steel.MEASURING SCALES
Two measuring scales are placed on the cutting table to enable precise cuts.

Suitable for cutting and trimming of blueprints, paper and foils, drawings, plans, photos, posters or similar digital printouts. Slotted side brackets for cutting oversized formats. Smooth running safety cutting head with self sharpening rotary blade made from special hardened steel. Counter blade made of stainless knife steel. Automatic clamping system with transparent clamp bar. High quality, anodized aluminum cutting table. Two measuring scales. Robust side brackets made of impact-resistant ABS plastic material. Precise cross bar for easy sliding of the safety cutting head. Four non-slip rubber feet. Color: aluminum gray/white. With sturdy metal stand and practical collection tray for trimmings.

Dimensions (D x W x H), inches: 19" x 60 1/2" x 37"
Shipping weight: 84 lbs.


Cutting width 53"
Cutting height 1/32"*
Table depth 11 1/2"
Table height34"
List Price CA $1,499

*may vary due to variations in paper